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Wonderworld takes great pride in bringing both enjoyment and education to children through high quality wooden toys that are specially designed and created for the age range of birth to five years old. For over twenty years Wonderworld has offered their products all over the world and they are recognized for excellence in design, as well as having the highest safety standards.

Wonderworld takes great consideration in the research and development of their products. To ensure that they provide only the best toys, Wonderworld conducts multiple field tests to monitor children’s behavior in relation to their play. To be sure that children are getting the most educational value from their products, Wonderland then alters their designs in accordance to test results so that their toys properly reflect children’s responses and the analysis obtained from real-life scenarios.

Wonderworld has successfully established itself among the world’s premier wooden toy brandnames. From the instant an idea for a toy is conceived on paper to moment that it eventually ends up in a child’s excited hands, Wonderworld takes pride in all that they produce.

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