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The Universal® Comfort Grip Mechanical Pencil Collection

The Universal® Comfort Grip Mechanical Pencil Collection From Universal®



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    Economical Thermal Facsimile Paper

    Universal® #2 Economy Woodcase Pencil

    Universal® “Handwrap” Film

    Universal® “Important Message” Pink Pads

    Universal® 12 1/2" Round Wall Clock

    Universal® 13 1/2" Round Wall Clock

    Universal® 24-Hour Round Wall Clock

    Universal® 9 3/4" Round Wall Clock

    Universal® Acrylic Self-Standing Desk Frame

    Universal® Adjustable Hand Dispenser

    Universal® Aluminum Document Box

    Universal® Black Stretch Film

    Universal® Blackstonian Pencil

    Universal® Box Bottom Hanging File Folders

    Universal® Box Sealing Tape Dispenser

    Universal® Bright Color Hanging File Folders

    Universal® Bright Colored Pressboard Classificatio

    Universal® Bright White Multipurpose Copy Paper

    Universal® Brown Corrugated Fixed-Depth Shipping B

    Universal® Brown Kraft File Folders

    Universal® Brushed Aluminum Plastic Clipboard

    Universal® Bulk Multipurpose Copy Paper

    Universal® Bulk Pack Copier Labels

    Universal® Bulk Pack Dot Matrix Printer Labels

    Universal® Business Envelope

    Universal® Calculator Plain Paper Roll

    Universal® Calculator Plain Paper Roll, Bulk Pack

    Universal® Cash Register/Point-of-Sale Single-Ply

    Universal® Catalog Envelope

    Universal® Chisel Tip Permanent Marker

    Universal® Clear Badge Holders With Inserts

    Universal® Clear Barrel Retractable Gel Ink Roller

    Universal® Clear Front Report Cover with Fasteners

    Universal® Clear Plastic Ruler

    Universal® Cleated Chair Mats for Low/Medium Pile

    Universal® Clip-Style Report Cover

    Universal® Colored File Folders With Top Tabs

    Universal® Colored Push Pins

    Universal® Combination Dry Erase Bulletin Board

    Universal® Comfort Grip Deluxe Plus D-Ring View Bi

    Universal® Comfort Grip Mechanical Pencil

    Universal® Comfort Grip Retractable Ballpoint Pen

    Universal® Comfort Grip Stick Ballpoint Pen

    Universal® Continuous- Feed Index Cards

    Universal® Continuous Postcards

    Universal® Cork Bulletin Board with Aluminum Frame

    Universal® Cork Bulletin Board with Oak Frame

    Universal® Cubicle Clock

    Universal® Deluxe Desk Organizer

    Universal® Deluxe Punch

    Universal® Desk Highlighters

    Universal® Desk Highlighters with Comfort Grip

    Universal® Desktop Laminator

    Universal® Dot Matrix Printer Labels

    Universal® Double-Ply Top Tab Manila File Folders

    Universal® D-Ring Binder

    Universal® D-Ring Economy Vinyl View Binder

    Universal® Dry Cleaning Wipes

    Universal® Dry Erase Board Cleaning Wipes

    Universal® Dry Erase Board Spray Cleaner

    Universal® Dry Erase Marker

    Universal® Dry Erase Whiteboard Eraser

    Universal® Eco-Friendly Round Ring Binder

    Universal® Economical Insertable Tab Index

    Universal® Economical Manila File Jackets

    Universal® Economy Full Strip Stapler

    Universal® Economy Half Strip Stapler

    Universal® Economy Self-Tab Index Dividers

    Universal® Economy Stick Ballpoint Pen

    Universal® Economy Storage Corrugated Files

    Universal® Economy Storage Drawer Files

    Universal® Economy Storage Files

    Universal® Electric Pencil Sharpener.

    Universal® Electric Stapler with Staple Channel Re

    Universal® Executive Full Strip Stapler

    Universal® Extended Insertable Tab Indexes

    Universal® Fan-Folded Self-Stick Neon Color Pop-Up

    Universal® Fan-Folded Self-Stick Pastel Color Pop-

    Universal® Fan-Folded Self-Stick Ultra Color Pop-U

    Universal® Fan-Folded Self-Stick Yellow Pop-Up Not

    Universal® Fashion Colored Perforated Ruled Writin

    Universal® Filing/Storage Totes

    Universal® Filler Paper

    Universal® Flat Wood Ruler

    Universal® Four-, Six- and Eight-Section Classific

    Universal® Full Strip Stapler

    Universal® Gel Stick Roller Ball Pen

    Universal® General Purpose Box Sealing Tape

    Universal® General-Purpose Duct Tapes

    Universal® General-Purpose Filament Tapes

    Universal® General-Purpose Masking Tapes

    Universal® Golf & Pew Pencil

    Universal® Grande Central Filing System

    Universal® Hanging Box Bottom File Pockets

    Universal® Hanging File Folder Plastic Index Tabs

    Universal® Hanging File Folders

    Universal® Hardboard Clipboard

    Universal® Heavy Duty off Surface Shelf

    Universal® Heavy Duty Power Assist Stapler

    Universal® Heavy-Duty Box Sealing Tape with Dispen

    Universal® Heavy-Duty Box Sealing Tapes

    Universal® Heavyweight Colored File Folders With T

    Universal® High Capacity Gel Ink Pen

    Universal® Hole Reinforcements

    Universal® Incline Sorter

    Universal® Inkjet Printer Labels

    Universal® Interior File Folders

    Universal® Invisible Tape

    Universal® Kraft Clasp Envelope

    Universal® Laminating Pouches

    Universal® Large Standard Sorter

    Universal® Laser Printer Multiuse Permanent Labels

    Universal® Light Brown Kraft String & Button Inter

    Universal® Light-Duty Filament Tapes

    Universal® Lightweight Hand Letter Opener

    Universal® Liquid Ink Rollerball Pen

    Universal® Liquid Ink Stick Roller Ball Pen

    Universal® Liquid Pen Style Highlighters

    Universal® Loose Memo Sheets

    Universal® Looseleaf Business Card Pages

    Universal® Magnetic Bookends

    Universal® Mailing and Storage Tape with Dispenser

    Universal® Mechanical Pencil

    Universal® Medium-duty Economy Storage Files

    Universal® Medium-Duty Filament Tapes

    Universal® Melamine Dry Erase Marker Board

    Universal® Metal Bookends

    Universal® Multipurpose Copy Paper Convenience Car

    Universal® Nickel-Plated Thumb Tacks

    Universal® One-Hole Punch

    Universal® Pad Holder

    Universal® Page Flags

    Universal® Paper Clips

    Universal® Paper Clips with Magnetic Dispenser

    Universal® Pen Style Dry Erase Marker

    Universal® Pen Style Permanent Marker

    Universal® Pencil Style Moistener

    Universal® Perforated Easel Pads

    Universal® Permanent Glue Stick

    Universal® Plastic Magazine File

    Universal® Plastic/Metal Heavy-Duty Stapler

    Universal® Plier Stapler

    Universal® Pocket Highlighters

    Universal® Polypropylene Sheet Protector

    Universal® Power Assist Full Strip Stapler

    Universal® Pre-Inked One-Color Round Stamp

    Universal® Pre-Inked One-Color Stamp

    Universal® Premium Blue Masking Tapes

    Universal® Premium Color Copier Paper

    Universal® Premium Colored Paper

    Universal® Premium Ruled Writing Pads with Top Stu

    Universal® Premium-Grade Filament Tapes

    Universal® Preprinted Plastic Coated Tab Dividers

    Universal® Preprinted Simulated Leather Tab Divide

    Universal® Pressboard Hanging Binder

    Universal® Pressboard Report Cover with Two-Piece

    Universal® Printed Message Self-Adhesive Shipping

    Universal® Printout Paper

    Universal® Project Folders

    Universal® Push-Button Business Card File

    Universal® Quick Set-up Lift-Off Lid Boxes

    Universal® Quick Set-up String-and-Button Boxes

    Universal® Quiet Tape Box Sealing Tape

    Universal® Recycled Business Card File

    Universal® Recycled Business Card Holder

    Universal® Recycled Desktop File Holder

    Universal® Recycled Drawer Organizer

    Universal® Recycled Index Cards

    Universal® Recycled Multi-Use Paper

    Universal® Recycled Plastic #17 Calendar Holder

    Universal® Recycled Printout Paper

    Universal® Recycled Record Storage Boxes

    Universal® Recycled Sticky Note Pads

    Universal® Recycled Telephone Stand

    Universal® Recycled Wall File Pockets

    Universal® Red Pressboard End Tab Classification F

    Universal® Redrope Expanding File Pockets

    Universal® Retractable Gel Ink Roller Ball Pen

    Universal® Retractable Pen-Style Correction Tape

    Universal® Rolling Computer/Catalog Case

    Universal® Round Magnetic Clip Dispenser

    Universal® Round Ring Binder

    Universal® Rubber Bands

    Universal® Ruled Perforated Pads

    Universal® Ruled Writing Pads

    Universal® Scratch Pads

    Universal® Screw-Together Hanging Folder Frame

    Universal® Self-Adhesive File Folder Labels for La

    Universal® Self-Adhesive File Folder Labels for Ty

    Universal® Self-Adhesive Name Badges

    Universal® Self-Adhesive Paper Fasteners

    Universal® Self-Adhesive Permanent Round Labels

    Universal® Self-Adhesive Postage Meter Labels

    Universal® Self-Adhesive Removable White Multipurp

    Universal® Self-Stick Easel Pad

    Universal® Self-Stick Open Side Catalog Envelope

    Universal® Shredder Bags

    Universal® Side Load Desk Trays

    Universal® Sideways Application Correction Tape

    Universal® SIGN HERE Arrow Flags

    Universal® Six-Section Classification Folder with

    Universal® Six-Section Colored Pressboard End Tab

    Universal® Six-Section Economy Manila Folders

    Universal® Six-Section Manila End Tab Classificati

    Universal® Slash-Cut Pockets for Three-Ring Binder

    Universal® Sponge Cup Moistener

    Universal® Squeeze Bottle Moistener

    Universal® Stainless Steel Ruler

    Universal® Standard Self-Stick Neon Color Note Pad

    Universal® Standard Self-Stick Pastel Color Note P

    Universal® Standard Self-Stick Ultra Color Note Pa

    Universal® Standard Self-Stick Yellow Color Note P

    Universal® Stand-Up Full Strip Stapler

    Universal® Steno Books

    Universal® Stick Roller Ball Pen

    Universal® Stretch Film with Preattached Cushioned

    Universal® Stretch Film with Preattached Handles

    Universal® Table of Contents Dividers for Printers

    Universal® Tape Dispenser

    Universal® Thermal Paper

    Universal® Thermal Transfer Labels

    Universal® Thumb Tacks

    Universal® Top Tab Manila File Folders

    Universal® Transparent Deluxe Locking Project File

    Universal® Two-Color Numerals Wall Clock

    Universal® Two-Hole Punch

    Universal® Two-Piece Paper Fasteners

    Universal® Two-Pocket Portfolios with Leatherette

    Universal® Unbreakable 4-in-1 Wall File

    Universal® Vertical Add-On Sorter

    Universal® Vinyl Coated Wire Paper Clips

    Universal® Vinyl Round Ring View Binders

    Universal® Wall Files

    Universal® Wand Style Staple Remover

    Universal® Wirebound “Important Message” Book, Fou

    Universal® Wirebound “Phone Call” Message Book, Fo

    Universal® Wirebound Memo Books

    Universal® Write-On/Erasable Tab Index

    Universal® Zip-Around Padfolio

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