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Umbra is the worldwide leader in casual, contemporary, affordable design for the home. Umbra designs and manufactures products for every room, including picture frames, garbage cans, window treatments, kitchenware, tabletop accessories, bathroom accessories, decorative hardware and furniture.

The U+ Studio Collection, which offers a range of sophisticated aesthetics from raw to sleek, can be found exclusively at contemporary design retail specialists.

Umbra began in 1979, when boyhood friends, Paul Rowan and Les Mandelbaum joined forces to create exciting, everyday products that alter the overall aesthetic of a home, beginning with a printed window shade unlike anything then in the market ("umbra" means shade in latin).

Twenty-five years later, Umbra's award-winning design team - 22 men and women from all over the world and notable outside product designers, all under Paul Rowan's direction - remains the heart and soul of the company. Its offices worldwide now house more than 450 people.

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Umbra Coat Racks and Hooks
Umbra Coat Racks and Hooks (25)
Umbra Curtain Hardware & Accessories
Umbra Curtain Hardware & Accessories (41)
Umbra Residential Trash Cans
Umbra Residential Trash Cans (30)
Umbra Mailboxes
Umbra Mailboxes (1)
Umbra Bath Accessories
Umbra Bath Accessories (75)
Umbra Kitchen Sink Accessories
Umbra Kitchen Sink Accessories (15)
Umbra Clocks
Umbra Clocks (11)
Umbra Picture Frames
Umbra Picture Frames (102)
Umbra Wall Décor
Umbra Wall Décor (35)
Umbra Jewelry Boxes
Umbra Jewelry Boxes (51)
Umbra Towel Bars, Hooks and Racks
Umbra Towel Bars, Hooks and Racks (22)
Umbra Wall & Accent Mirrors
Umbra Wall & Accent Mirrors (5)
Umbra Bulletin Boards, Whiteboards, Chalkboards
Umbra Bulletin Boards, Whiteboards, Chalkboards (8)
Umbra Decorative Shelving
Umbra Decorative Shelving (4)
Umbra Pot Rack Hardware
Umbra Pot Rack Hardware (1)
Umbra Napkin Holders & Paper Towel Holders
Umbra Napkin Holders & Paper Towel Holders (10)
Umbra Shoe Storage
Umbra Shoe Storage (1)
Umbra Organizer Systems
Umbra Organizer Systems (5)
Umbra Key Organizers
Umbra Key Organizers (3)
Umbra Wall Art
Umbra Wall Art (5)
Umbra Blinds and Shades
Umbra Blinds and Shades (1)
Umbra Hangers & Hanging Organizers
Umbra Hangers & Hanging Organizers (1)
Umbra Magazine Racks
Umbra Magazine Racks (1)
Umbra Wine Racks
Umbra Wine Racks (3)
Umbra End Tables
Umbra End Tables (3)
Umbra Coasters & Trivets
Umbra Coasters & Trivets (6)
Umbra Desktop Organizers
Umbra Desktop Organizers (2)
Umbra Aquariums & Bowls
Umbra Aquariums & Bowls (1)
Umbra Cutting Boards
Umbra Cutting Boards (3)
Umbra Mantel & Tabletop Clocks
Umbra Mantel & Tabletop Clocks (3)
Umbra Creamers & Sugar Bowls
Umbra Creamers & Sugar Bowls (1)
Umbra Flatware & Kitchen Utensil Storage
Umbra Flatware & Kitchen Utensil Storage (1)
Umbra Bar Supplies
Umbra Bar Supplies (5)
Umbra Wine Accessories
Umbra Wine Accessories (11)
Umbra Cabinet Organization
Umbra Cabinet Organization (2)
Umbra Specialty Filing
Umbra Specialty Filing (1)
Umbra Spoon Rests
Umbra Spoon Rests (2)
Umbra Measuring Cups, Spoons, Scoops & Funnels
Umbra Measuring Cups, Spoons, Scoops & Funnels (1)
Umbra Cook Books And Stands
Umbra Cook Books And Stands (2)
Umbra Table Tennis Rackets & Blades
Umbra Table Tennis Rackets & Blades (1)
Umbra Drains
Umbra Drains (1)
Umbra TV Stand Accessories
Umbra TV Stand Accessories (1)
Umbra Cruets and Condiment Sets
Umbra Cruets and Condiment Sets (1)
Umbra Health And Beauty
Umbra Health And Beauty (1)
Umbra Magnetic Tape/Strips
Umbra Magnetic Tape/Strips (2)
Umbra Salt And Pepper Shakers / Mills
Umbra Salt And Pepper Shakers / Mills (2)
Umbra Utensils
Umbra Utensils (1)
Umbra Accent Chairs
Umbra Accent Chairs (1)
Umbra Bathroom Hardware
Umbra Bathroom Hardware (1)
Umbra Bird Feeders
Umbra Bird Feeders (1)
Umbra Board Games & Accessories
Umbra Board Games & Accessories (2)
Umbra Cable Management
Umbra Cable Management (1)
Umbra Candle Holders
Umbra Candle Holders (1)
Umbra Cash Handling
Umbra Cash Handling (1)
Umbra Daily Aids
Umbra Daily Aids (2)
Umbra Dog Waste Scoops, Bags, And Training Pads
Umbra Dog Waste Scoops, Bags, And Training Pads (2)
Umbra Eyewear Accessories
Umbra Eyewear Accessories (1)
Umbra Flatware Serving Pieces
Umbra Flatware Serving Pieces (2)
Umbra Food Preservation & Transportation
Umbra Food Preservation & Transportation (1)
Umbra Holiday Accents & Decor
Umbra Holiday Accents & Decor (1)
Umbra Juicers
Umbra Juicers (1)
Umbra Kitchen Canisters & Jars
Umbra Kitchen Canisters & Jars (1)
Umbra Picture & Memory Albums
Umbra Picture & Memory Albums (1)
Umbra Slicers, Peelers And Graters
Umbra Slicers, Peelers And Graters (1)
Umbra Specialty Serving
Umbra Specialty Serving (1)
Umbra Spice Jars & Racks
Umbra Spice Jars & Racks (1)

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