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The Craft Room

The Craft Room is a manufacturer of Framed Art Prints operated in Union City, Michigan. They have spent the past 30 years creating “new and different” products for their gift retailers. Their home decor items are not only affordable but totally unique!

In 1985 while taking a break from the corporate life, they started creating and selling handcrafted pine furniture at local markets. As their booth had pieces of furniture sitting around, it was bare on the upper walls. So they started creating kitchen and bathroom prints to fill the void areas. The sale of these inspirational prints kept them so busy that they later dropped the furniture line, started copyrighting their print designs, and wholesaling the print line to retailers throughout the nation.

Every member of their family has worked really hard to make sure that The Craft Room is and will remain successful. Family has always been very important to all of them, and their framed quotes often reflect devotion to family.

The Craft Room