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Tera Grand is a leading computer cable and electronic products manufacturer with five factories in China doing business since 1990. Their product focus is consumer electronic accessories for computers, mobile devices, and networking applications. Specifically they provide superior Apple accessories, USB connectivity, HDMI and DVI cables, Networking Cables, HDMI Splitters and Switches, Power Banks, and numerous consumer electronic accessories. Their products have been used by millions of consumers worldwide under various brand names sold by many different companies. They are considered an expert provider of electronic solutions and participate in several organizations including Apple MFi, HDMI, MHL, and DiiVa. In 2011, they opened Tera Grand in California and began offering there products directly to US customers with value added benefits such as private labeling and custom packaging and design options. Continual research and production technology experience has enabled their company to deliver the newest high quality products to there customers quickly and reliably. They are dedicated to the R&D, design and manufacturing of computer peripherals, Electrical Wires/Cables and Electronic Products. They strive to become there customers best partner by providing top quality products and creating proprietary brands. Their professional R&D teams develop fast, precision, high quality products. They apply core technology to enhance there products superior performance and appearance. With their cutting edge R&D capabilities, they have received numerous international patents, as well as Apple MFi, HDMI ATC, MHL, ISO, CE, and UL certifications. Looking ahead in the spirit of environmental protection, all of their products are RoHS Compliant which means there products will create Green enterprise value. They strive to achieve the leading position in the global Computer, Communication & Consumer Electronics industry without leaving a heavy carbon footprint. Their goal is to provide their customers with the best customer services and product supports. Continuing to understand market trends and their customers' needs allows Tera Grand to provide superior solutions in this ever changing market.

Tera Grand

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