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AV Cases Guide
Your first and best indicator of what case is most appropriate for you is the camera, projector, laptop, or pro-AV hardware that you are looking to put in it. For example, finding the right laptop case may be just as simple as measuring the general dimensions of your laptop and picking a case that is made of the best material to fit your application.

If you move around a lot for business and you always need a laptop at your side, then check out a soft case, perhaps one with a shoulder strap or wheels and a handle. Do you have to ship your computer on a plane when you travel? Then maybe a hard case would be better. You might even want to check out an ATA case. ATA cases are built to the specifications of the Airline Transport Association and are certified to qualify for airline insurance if you should need it. Once you've navigated to a category use the Super Browse menus to help narrow down the results in each style.

Projector Cases

Projector cases serve a very similar function to laptop cases. They are very specific to size and the type of projector they are carrying. Most projector cases will comfortably fit any projector that falls within the dimensions outlined in the description. However there are some cases that contain foam that is cut to hold specific models of projectors. These will be clearly marked and sometimes require little more attention than just including your projector make and model in a note with your order. Projector cases are also available in ATA styles. These cases will include features like reinforced corners and recessed hardware, little additions that can vastly extend the life of your product and help protect its contents.

Plasma Cases

Plasma television cases are, as the saying goes, a whole other species. Plasma cases will almost always be specifically made to match the product that they are carrying. Whether it's a soft cover case to protect from dust or a rolling, lifting, shipping case, a plasma case order should always be accompanied by the make and model of the plasma television that is going in the unit. Plasma cases, which are often used for mobile displays or trade shows can range from simply protecting the screen in transit to softly lifting and presenting the screen out of a finished veneer frame. If you expect to be traveling with a lot of components for your screen, check out our selection of plasma cases with storage. Again, the Super Browse menus will be the best way to find these. Once you've found the configuration that best suits your needs, a plasma case purchase should be as simple as picking the one that literally looks the best to you.

Rack Cases

The selection of rack cases, on the other hand, can get very technical and very specific to personal preference. The good news about rack cases is that there are a few things that are always standard. A standard rack space will always be the same width. And a standard rack unit will always be the same height. The real variables of rack case buying are the depth of the components, the application and use of the components, and the protection that the components need. Luckily most rack cases are pretty self-explanatory. Many rack cases will carry their dimensions in their model numbers, so pay close attention to those. Also, racks are designed with professionals in mind. There are great features that can make working with racks much easier than in the past.

If you travel with your equipment and need to set up and break down quickly, do not miss our powered rack cases. In addition to providing roto-shock protection for the components inside, these racks offer a single power strip that components can be plugged into before, after, and during transit. Once you reach your location, simply open your case and plug the main strip cord into your power source. There is no need to deal with multiple plugs. Also, many of our rack cases are stackable and can be combined with other rack cases without the burden of extra table equipment. And many of our rack systems can be combined with caster sets and pop-up slant tops that make setting up and moving a work station easier than packing an overnight bag. Rack cases can also be accessorized with storage cages to accommodate extra components.
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