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Space Heater Accessories

Space Heater Accessories


Space Heater Accessories

Come shop our extensive selection of space heater accessories at Wayfair Supply. You can buy our office, classroom, and commercial products online in a variety of sizes and colors as well as many other options. We also match tons of different budgets, whether you're looking for great sales and deals or you're shopping for the highest quality office products at any price. Not only do we have tons of space heater accessories, but we also have a huge selection of similar categories that may be of interest to you, for example: ceiling fans and outdoor patio heaters. We also offer space heater accessories from over 30 brands, including Trinity and Worx. Lastly, check out our Premier Program for business customers and get exclusive discounts and deals.

We’re glad you narrowed your search down to Space Heater Accessories for your home office or small business. Shop by Special Offers or Depth to find the right fit. We have Space Heater Accessories in Orange, Green and Navy to best suit the look of your office or building and offer a range of industry brand names like Enerco and Enerco at a wide price range to cater to any type of office or business. We make finding the best Space Heater Accessories for our commercial shoppers easy and cost effective by putting it all on the same site – Wayfair Supply.
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Adapter Plates are used for updating old heating systems while keeping walls intact.

Covers, Trims, and Grills compatible with space heaters. These also include receptacles or electrical outlets for baseboard heaters.

Ducts and Duct adapters for heating systems.

Heating Cables used for defrosting or keeping pipes and gutters from freezing.

Hose Assembly or Fuel Distributor for a space heater.

Insulation Materials includes rubber and vycor sleeves, insulating blankets, pipe insulation, etc.

Mounts and Brackets for a heating system.

Power Disconnect Kits are used for shutting off power specifically to a space heating system.

Pressure Regulator are valves that automatically cuts off the flow of a liquid or gas at a specific pressure. They are used to allow high-pressure fluid supply lines or tanks to be reduced to safe pressures for various applications.

Stands and Carts designed to work in conjunction with a space heater.

Tanks and Cans designed to work in conjunction with a space heater.

Thermostats, Ballasts, and Switches regulate temperatures and heating currents.

Vent Kits and Diffusers help to evenly distribute the heat.

Wheel and Leg Kits convert stationary space heaters into mobile space heaters.
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