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Snap Safe

Edward J. McGunn, a third generation safe builder, has designed unique safes and security products for government, commercial and home applications. As a gun collector, Ed knew that for his long gun and pistol storage he needed a secure fireproof gun safe. But, unfortunately there was the huge cost and effort it took to move a fireproof home safe to the second story of his home. It wasn’t only expensive – it was dangerous. What’s more, after all that work, it didn’t end up in the most convenient location. Ed knew there had to be a better way to move hundreds of pounds of steel from one place to another. That’s when he thought of the SnapSafe Closet Vault, a modular safe, that modular component safe would come in pieces light enough to carry anywhere and then quickly lock together exactly where needed. It would offer the security of a traditional welded safe but without all the hassle and cost.