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Pentel of America, Ltd.


The Refill for Pentel® EnerGel® Retractable Liquid Gel Collection

The Refill for Pentel® EnerGel® Retractable Liquid Gel Collection From Pentel of America, Ltd.

Satisfy your EnerGel® needs with this refill that provides quality and value. It is equipped with rich, acid-free, and archival safe ink that is non-smearing and quick-drying, guaranteeing that your documents will be archived safely. Quick-drying ink is also great for lefties as writing won't smear away with touch.

  • Acid-free, archival safe ink.
  • Non-smearing, quick-dry performance.
  • Quick-drying ink is great for lefties.
  • Quality and value.
  • Rich gel ink.


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