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Pacon Corporation


The Pacon® Tagboard Collection

The Pacon® Tagboard Collection From Pacon Corporation

Strong, multipurpose tagboard.

  • Strong, multipurpose tagboard.


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Classroom Keepers™ Construction Paper Storage Box


Pacon® Alternate Dotted Ruled Newsprint Paper

Pacon® Array® Card Stock

Pacon® Array® Colored Bond Paper, Brights

Pacon® Array® Colored Bond Paper, Designer Colors

Pacon® Array® Colored Bond Paper, Hyper® Colors

Pacon® Array® Colored Bond Paper, Marble Pastels

Pacon® Array® Colored Bond Paper, Parchment

Pacon® Array® Colored Bond Paper, Pastels

Pacon® Art Street® Marble Construction Paper

Pacon® Art Street® Neon Construction Paper

Pacon® Art Street® Sketch Pad

Pacon® Artist’s Sketch Book

Pacon® ArtIst® Sketch Diary

Pacon® Artist™ Watercolor Paper Pad

Pacon® Assorted Colors Tagboard

Pacon® Blank Flash Card Dispenser Boxes

Pacon® Bordette® Decorative Border

Pacon® Bordette® Designs

Pacon® Cellophane Wrap

Pacon® Chart Tablets

Pacon® Colored Chart Tablets

Pacon® Colorwave Super Bright Tagboard

Pacon® Construction Paper Combo Carton

Pacon® Corrugated Study Carrel

Pacon® Cream Manila Drawing Paper

Pacon® Essay and Composition Paper

Pacon® Essay and Composition Paper, Spelling Slip

Pacon® Fadeless® Art Paper

Pacon® Fadeless® Assorted Paper

Pacon® Fadeless® Designs Bulletin Board Paper

Pacon® Fadeless® Safari Prints Paper

Pacon® Interlocking Storage Container with Lid

Pacon® Kaleidoscope® Multipurpose Colored Paper fo

Pacon® Kolorfast® Tissue Assortment

Pacon® Kraft Paper Roll

Pacon® Kraft Wrapping Paper

Pacon® Manila Tag Chart Paper

Pacon® Multicultural Construction Paper

Pacon® Multi-Program Handwriting Paper

Pacon® Multi-Program Picture Story Paper

Pacon® Neon Bond Paper

Pacon® Neon® Color Poster Board

Pacon® Origami Paper

Pacon® Peacock® Four-Ply Railroad Board

Pacon® Peacock® White Four-Ply Poster Board

Pacon® Peacock™ Flame Retardant Art Rolls

Pacon® Peacock™ Sulphite Construction Paper

Pacon® Plast'r Craft®

Pacon® PreCut Mat Frames

Pacon® Present-It Pad™ The Easel Pad That Sticks!

Pacon® Primary Chart Pad

Pacon® Rainbow Construction Paper Ream

Pacon® Rainbow® Bags

Pacon® Rainbow® Colored Kraft Paper

Pacon® Reminiscence™ Card Stock

Pacon® Riverside® Construction Paper

Pacon® Ruled Newsprint Paper

Pacon® S.A.V.E Recycled Chart Pads

Pacon® Sentence Strips

Pacon® Skip-A-Line Ruled Newsprint Paper

Pacon® Spectra® Art Tissue

Pacon® Spectra® ArtKraft® Duo-Finish® Paper

Pacon® Spectra® ArtKraft® Duo-Finish® Paper Rolls

Pacon® Spectra® Fingerpaint Paper

Pacon® Spectra® Glitter

Pacon® Spectra® Glitter Assortment

Pacon® Spotlight™ Presentation Boards

Pacon® SunWorks® Construction Paper

Pacon® SunWorks® Construction Paper Smart-Stack™

Pacon® Super Bright Sentence Strips

Pacon® Tagboard

Pacon® Tandem Tones™

Pacon® Tracing Paper

Pacon® Trai-tex® Double Weight Yarn Cones

Pacon® Tru-Ray® Construction Paper

Pacon® White Drawing Paper

Pacon® White Newsprint


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