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Office Chairs

Office Chairs

Love your job a bit more because of where you get to park your derriere! Your office chair can boost business productivity by allowing you to sit down in a comfortable and healthy manner.

Like most, you're at your computer for many hours a day. You squirm in your seat to try and find that perfect adjustment, only to no avail. It’s time to upgrade your office seat. Find out below how to keep your employees happy and healthy with the right kind of seating options.

Balt Tall Drafting Chair The height of an office chair should always be easy to adjust. It must be equipped with an adjustment lever which should be able to move you between 16 and 21 inches off the floor. The seat shouldn't be too high or too low, so the user doesn't slouch or strain at their desk. This will help the natural curve of the spine to provide upright support for your body.

Width and Depth
OFM Big and Tall Office Chair Office chairs should always be wide enough to support users of all shapes and sizes and the width should vary between 17 and 20 inches. The depth should be enough for you to lean back against the office chair backrest with 2 to 4 inches difference between your knees and the seat.

Herman Miller Loaded Aeron Executive Chair Armrests should also be adjustable and will allow you to rest your elbows, arms, and shoulders in a comfortable manner. Adjustable arm rests can be essential for a task chair for office duties like filing, approving and editing paperwork.

Balt High Back Office Seat Like all other parts of your seat, the backrest should be adjustable enough to move either 12 to 19 inches forwards or backwards. This makes the office chair much more comfortable, and lets you adjust the back support throughout the workday.

Calligaris Swivel Office Chairs Working in an office requires you moving about, so your chair should provide a swivel at the bottom to allow you to move around your area freely. The rotating office chair frees you up to address customers and clients or hold meetings.

Before spending a ton of cash on just anything, go for durability and quality backed by a solid warranty. Read through office chair reviews from other Wayfair Supply commercial shoppers. This is your back, your money as well as your "home" for hours everyday at your desk, so take your time in locating the office chairs that are right for you!

Looking to buy the best Office Chairs for your office? Can’t find the right Specialty Chairs, Big & Tall Chairs or Kneeling Chairs? Wayfair Supply can help! Shop Office Chairs for sale by features like price, material and color. Wayfair Supply offers services like 2-Day shipping and industry brand names to our commercial customers, and has prices for Office Chairs that cater to businesses of all sizes. It’s never been easier to shop for your office, classroom or small business because now it’s all on one site – Wayfair Supply!
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