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In our Locker Buying Guide you will learn which locker specifications are the most important determinants of what type of lockers you need, and which accessory pieces go with them.

Choosing the Number of Tiers

There are generally six different tier choices (1 tier, 2 tier, 3 tier, 4 tier, 5 tier, 6 tier), each varying with the number of locker doors in a vertical configuration. An important factor, locker space needed vs. the number of individual storage spaces needed, should be determined in order to make your decision.

1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4 Tier 5 Tier 6 Tier
1 Tier Locker Penco Vanguard 2 Tier Locker Hallowell 3 Tier Wooden Locker Hallowell 4 Tier Ventilated Locker Penco 5 Tier Safety View Locker Hallowell 6 Tier Wood Panel Locker Salsbury Industries

What you will be storing in your lockers is also a determining factor in the amount of tiers you choose. Single tier and double tier lockers are suitable for almost any storage need. They have the capacity for hanging items such as shirts and jackets. Lockers with three tiers or more are suited for securing smaller items such as athletic gear, purses, lunches, books, etc. They also are the most space saving units and because of their smaller size you have the advantage of more storage units per locker.

Your next decision should be the number of lockers you need. The lockers come in either one wide or three wide configurations. Keep in mind, as long as you order matching lockers, they can be put next to each other to create a nice line of lockers.

Lockers are sold according to tier and arrangement, which means buyers choose how many lockers tall by how many lockers wide they need. Another locker option is called group configuration. This is a unique style that could be the answer to a design dilemma you may have that cannot be solved using the standard locker types. Also, another type of locker is the 2-person lockers. These lockers can accommodate two people’s belongings while still only taking up the space of a single tier locker.

Picking a Handle Type

Lockers are available with three different types of handles (lift, recessed or door pulls w/ padlock hasps). All three types offer their own benefits, and we allow you to choose the one that best fits your situation.

Recessed Handle Door Pull & Padlock Hasp Lift Handle
Recessed Handle Locker Hallowell Door Pull & Padlock Hasp Locker Handle 3 Tier Wooden Locker Hallowell

Recessed Handles: These handles are tucked into the door of the locker. Certain lockers with recessed handles can have a combination lock added as an option. Recessed handles, like lift handles, can be padlocked.

Door Pulls w/ Padlock Hasps: Provides a friction catch door pull handle, and the hasp provides a convenient way to attach a padlock. Most box lockers will come standard with this type of handle.

Lift Handles: Provide the user with easy and quick access to the locker’s contents as well as making it simple to apply a padlock to secure the handle and prevent entry.

Selecting the Proper Locker Type

Antimicrobial Lockers:
These lockers have an advanced powder coating technology that senses moisture and releases ions that provide antimicrobial protection for up to 20 years. This substance is less toxic than table salt and does not irritate the skin. Hundreds of tests prove that these lockers are safe for public places where bacteria thrive such as hospitals and schools.

Clear Plexiglass Front Lockers:
Polycarbonate panels provide maximum viewing of locker contents. These clear panels encourage neatness and make locker inspections a cinch. Lockers with clear fronts work great in schools concerned with extra security or any place that where locker contents need to be examined.

Open Lockers:
Open sports lockers provide quick access to equipment and uniforms and are designed for athletic locker rooms. These lockers will provide maximum ventilation to minimize odor from equipment. Children’s open front lockers are great for students to store their lunch boxes and coats. The open fronts will minimize the time it will take for students to get their belongings.

Plastic Lockers:
The number one reason for replacing lockers is rust and corrosion from moisture. Since plastic lockers are impermeable to moisture, rust and corrosion will no longer be a problem. Plastic lockers will never need painting and will resist dents and scratches. These plastic lockers are ideal for locker rooms and gyms.

Quiet Lockers:
The sound of lockers opening and closing can sometimes become very distracting. Quiet lockers are made out of heavy duty steel and equipped with rubber door bumpers, door stiffeners, and quiet latching locks that deaden sound and make the clanking of lockers history. These lockers are great in schools and offices where students or employees could be distracted by the noise of lockers.

Rust-Resistant Lockers:
If your lockers are going to be located in an area where corrosion will be a problem, such as locker rooms, shower areas or outside, you will definitely need rust-resistant lockers. Made from strong sheet steel these lockers will resist all corrosion and rust.

Sports/Stadium Lockers:
Designed specifically for locker rooms and gyms, these lockers have a maximum amount of ventilation to minimize odor. Sports/Stadium lockers have either a totally open front or have extremely ventilated doors and sides. Open front lockers are great for athletic locker rooms where quick access to equipment is needed and ventilated lockers are better for locker rooms where gym equipment will be stored for an amount of time.

Wall Mounted Lockers:
Wall mounted lockers are great for classrooms and locker rooms where space is at a premium. Most wall mounted lockers come equipped with 4 private compartments and a large coat rack under the lockers. These lockers can also be place on a shelf or cabinet without a coat rack.

Accessory Options

Once you have decided on the crucial specifications for your lockers, there are several other choices you can add to the mix. Most accessories are not required for completion of you locker, however they can add a finished more professional look to the locker or create easier cleaning for janitorial staff. Some accessories you may want to consider:

Sloped Top Kit
Converts the standard flat-top of a locker into a sloped top. Flat-top lockers are much more likely to collect dust, and due to the height of lockers are rather hard to clean well. Please be aware that certain slope tops do not include the slope top end closures, and need to be purchased separately.

Closed Front Base
This option maintains the same height dimension as lockers with legs but gives a room an overall neater appearance, as well as eliminating the task of cleaning around the legs or under the lockers.

Closed Side Base
Following the same reasoning as the closed front base option, the closed side base just finishes the clean look at the end of a series of closed front based lockers.

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