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Vent-free gas heating appliances offer low operating costs and an attractive way to reduce home heating costs. They’re a smart solution for today’s home heating challenges. According to the Energy Information Administration (EIA), the average homeowner can save 3% on home heating costs with every degree the central heating system is set back. By turning back the central heat and using KozyWorld gas appliances for extra heat in the rooms used most often, you and your family can further reduce your total energy consumption. KozyWorld gas appliances require no electricity for burner operation, providing peace of mind and a cozy warm home during winter power outages. Each KozyWorld gas appliance features an ODS pilot system that automatically shuts the appliance off should oxygen levels drop below acceptable levels. KozyWorld vent-free fireplaces add beauty, charm and elegance to any home. They improve the winter ambiance inside your home while increasing the value of your home.


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