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At Kikkerland Design Inc., creativity runs rampant and even the most utilitarian gadget becomes a delightful discovery. Since 1992, the folks at Kikkerland Design have traveled the world in search of original designs for things that can make life more enjoyable. Clever things to intrigue you. Smart things that make everyday tasks easier. And gentle things that make you feel happier when you use them.

It's no wonder that Kikkerland Design continues to offer the world's largest collection of ingenious items combining form, function, and delight in equal parts. You can find them in thousands of stores around the world, including museum and specialty shops. Or you can just stay home. Because if it's inventive, witty, and smartly designed, Kikkerland Design will bring it to you. Just for the fun of it.

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Kikkerland Clocks
Kikkerland Clocks (17)
Kikkerland Mantel & Tabletop Clocks
Kikkerland Mantel & Tabletop Clocks (7)
Kikkerland Mobiles
Kikkerland Mobiles (2)
Kikkerland Ornaments, Tree-Toppers, And More
Kikkerland Ornaments, Tree-Toppers, And More (1)
Kikkerland Bookends
Kikkerland Bookends (1)
Kikkerland First Aid Supplies
Kikkerland First Aid Supplies (6)
Kikkerland Music
Kikkerland Music (1)
Kikkerland Mats
Kikkerland Mats (2)
Kikkerland Bar Supplies
Kikkerland Bar Supplies (7)
Kikkerland Accent Pillows
Kikkerland Accent Pillows (2)
Kikkerland Key Chains, Key Wallets, and Key Covers
Kikkerland Key Chains, Key Wallets, and Key Covers (16)
Kikkerland Straws
Kikkerland Straws (1)
Kikkerland Picture Frames
Kikkerland Picture Frames (1)
Kikkerland Flashlights
Kikkerland Flashlights (9)
Kikkerland Daily Aids
Kikkerland Daily Aids (5)
Kikkerland Desktop Organizers
Kikkerland Desktop Organizers (6)
Kikkerland Notebooks
Kikkerland Notebooks (15)
Kikkerland Timers
Kikkerland Timers (8)
Kikkerland Coasters & Trivets
Kikkerland Coasters & Trivets (4)
Kikkerland Bath Accessories
Kikkerland Bath Accessories (2)
Kikkerland Wine Accessories
Kikkerland Wine Accessories (11)
Kikkerland Hand Held Rain Umbrellas
Kikkerland Hand Held Rain Umbrellas (3)
Kikkerland Ladders
Kikkerland Ladders (1)
Kikkerland Wall & Accent Mirrors
Kikkerland Wall & Accent Mirrors (1)
Kikkerland Figures
Kikkerland Figures (21)
Kikkerland Pens
Kikkerland Pens (13)
Kikkerland Shower Curtains
Kikkerland Shower Curtains (3)
Kikkerland Pencils
Kikkerland Pencils (4)
Kikkerland Push Pins
Kikkerland Push Pins (5)
Kikkerland Salt And Pepper Shakers / Mills
Kikkerland Salt And Pepper Shakers / Mills (6)
Kikkerland Travel Accessories
Kikkerland Travel Accessories (6)
Kikkerland Bike Accessories & Gear
Kikkerland Bike Accessories & Gear (9)
Kikkerland Ipod/Mp3 Player Accessories
Kikkerland Ipod/Mp3 Player Accessories (9)
Kikkerland Board Games & Accessories
Kikkerland Board Games & Accessories (5)
Kikkerland Listening Headphones
Kikkerland Listening Headphones (13)
Kikkerland Briefcases
Kikkerland Briefcases (1)
Kikkerland Erasers
Kikkerland Erasers (10)
Kikkerland Night Lights
Kikkerland Night Lights (2)
Kikkerland Card Holders
Kikkerland Card Holders (3)
Kikkerland Cups & Mugs
Kikkerland Cups & Mugs (4)
Kikkerland Self-Stick Pads
Kikkerland Self-Stick Pads (4)
Kikkerland Everyday Drinkware
Kikkerland Everyday Drinkware (3)
Kikkerland Bulletin Boards, Whiteboards, Chalkboards
Kikkerland Bulletin Boards, Whiteboards, Chalkboards (1)
Kikkerland Personal Electronic Cases
Kikkerland Personal Electronic Cases (4)
Kikkerland Decorative Objects
Kikkerland Decorative Objects (2)
Kikkerland Washer And Dryer Accessories
Kikkerland Washer And Dryer Accessories (1)
Kikkerland Egg Prep And Serving
Kikkerland Egg Prep And Serving (2)
Kikkerland Cabinet Organization
Kikkerland Cabinet Organization (5)
Kikkerland Tape Dispensers
Kikkerland Tape Dispensers (2)
Kikkerland Baby Gifts
Kikkerland Baby Gifts (5)
Kikkerland Bath Linens
Kikkerland Bath Linens (2)
Kikkerland Globes
Kikkerland Globes (1)
Kikkerland Eyewear Accessories
Kikkerland Eyewear Accessories (3)
Kikkerland Appointment Books
Kikkerland Appointment Books (3)
Kikkerland Jewelry Boxes
Kikkerland Jewelry Boxes (3)
Kikkerland Flatware Serving Pieces
Kikkerland Flatware Serving Pieces (2)
Kikkerland Pizza Tools
Kikkerland Pizza Tools (1)
Kikkerland USB / Jump Drives
Kikkerland USB / Jump Drives (4)
Kikkerland Serving Bowls
Kikkerland Serving Bowls (1)
Kikkerland Restroom Supplies
Kikkerland Restroom Supplies (1)
Kikkerland Utensils
Kikkerland Utensils (3)
Kikkerland Hot / Cold Tea Accessories
Kikkerland Hot / Cold Tea Accessories (6)
Kikkerland Laundry Carriers
Kikkerland Laundry Carriers (1)
Kikkerland Laundry Carriers
Kikkerland Laundry Carriers (1)
Kikkerland Measuring Cups, Spoons, Scoops & Funnels
Kikkerland Measuring Cups, Spoons, Scoops & Funnels (2)
Kikkerland Massage Therapy Products
Kikkerland Massage Therapy Products (2)
Kikkerland Screw & Nut Drivers
Kikkerland Screw & Nut Drivers (4)
Kikkerland Cash Handling
Kikkerland Cash Handling (1)
Kikkerland Call Bells
Kikkerland Call Bells (4)
Kikkerland Electronic Accessories
Kikkerland Electronic Accessories (5)
Kikkerland Bathing & Wellness
Kikkerland Bathing & Wellness (1)
Kikkerland Clips/Clamps
Kikkerland Clips/Clamps (3)
Kikkerland Lint Rollers
Kikkerland Lint Rollers (1)
Kikkerland Body Repair Tools
Kikkerland Body Repair Tools (2)
Kikkerland Bug & Pest Control
Kikkerland Bug & Pest Control (1)
Kikkerland Candle Holders
Kikkerland Candle Holders (1)
Kikkerland Computer & Miscellaneous Cables
Kikkerland Computer & Miscellaneous Cables (1)
Kikkerland Computer Accessories
Kikkerland Computer Accessories (1)
Kikkerland Costume Accessories
Kikkerland Costume Accessories (1)
Kikkerland Cups & Accessories
Kikkerland Cups & Accessories (1)
Kikkerland Cutlery
Kikkerland Cutlery (1)
Kikkerland Cutting Boards
Kikkerland Cutting Boards (3)
Kikkerland Decorative Baskets, Bowls & Boxes
Kikkerland Decorative Baskets, Bowls & Boxes (1)
Kikkerland Desktop Calendars
Kikkerland Desktop Calendars (1)
Kikkerland Fashion & Beauty Fun
Kikkerland Fashion & Beauty Fun (3)
Kikkerland Flatware Single Pieces
Kikkerland Flatware Single Pieces (2)
Kikkerland Food Preservation & Transportation
Kikkerland Food Preservation & Transportation (1)
Kikkerland Health And Beauty
Kikkerland Health And Beauty (6)
Kikkerland Hex Keys
Kikkerland Hex Keys (1)
Kikkerland Highlighters
Kikkerland Highlighters (1)
Kikkerland Key Organizers
Kikkerland Key Organizers (1)
Kikkerland Laundry Accessories
Kikkerland Laundry Accessories (1)
Kikkerland Magnetic Tape/Strips
Kikkerland Magnetic Tape/Strips (2)
Kikkerland Magnifiers
Kikkerland Magnifiers (6)
Kikkerland Necklaces & Pendants
Kikkerland Necklaces & Pendants (1)
Kikkerland Painting & Drawing Supplies
Kikkerland Painting & Drawing Supplies (4)
Kikkerland Pocket Knives & Tools
Kikkerland Pocket Knives & Tools (2)
Kikkerland Pointers & Presenters
Kikkerland Pointers & Presenters (1)
Kikkerland Portable Fans
Kikkerland Portable Fans (2)
Kikkerland Safety Equipment
Kikkerland Safety Equipment (1)
Kikkerland Shears & Scissors
Kikkerland Shears & Scissors (1)
Kikkerland Slicers, Peelers And Graters
Kikkerland Slicers, Peelers And Graters (1)
Kikkerland Speakers
Kikkerland Speakers (1)
Kikkerland Staplers
Kikkerland Staplers (1)
Kikkerland Surgical Supplies
Kikkerland Surgical Supplies (1)
Kikkerland Tapes
Kikkerland Tapes (1)
Kikkerland Teacher Resources
Kikkerland Teacher Resources (1)
Kikkerland Toy Vehicles
Kikkerland Toy Vehicles (1)
Kikkerland Wall Art
Kikkerland Wall Art (1)
Kikkerland Wallets
Kikkerland Wallets (2)
Kikkerland Youth Wall Decorations
Kikkerland Youth Wall Decorations (1)

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