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Inversion Tables

Inversion Tables


Inversion Tables

We’re glad you narrowed your search down to Inversion Tables for your home office or small business. Shop by Height or Ships To to find the right fit. We have Inversion Tables in Orange, White and Gray to best suit the look of your office or building and offer a range of industry brand names like Health Mark, Inc. and Ironman Fitness at a wide price range to cater to any type of office or business. We make finding the best Inversion Tables for our commercial shoppers easy and cost effective by putting it all on the same site – Wayfair Supply.
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Inversion Tables: This device allows you to recline back against a standing table or cot-like device, strap your ankles in, and lean backwards, thus shifting your weight and causing the table to pivot around an axis near your waist to slowly turn ipside down. Keeping the same position allows your spine to stretch and relieves pressure by putting the same amount of pressure in the opposite direction from when you stand. Returning to an upright position requires shifting your weight again and slowly moving back to where you started. Some tables restic inversion to about 70 degree, but others allow users to hand suspended from ankle cuffs.

Inversion Chairs: Inversion chairs are a revised design of the inversion chair meant to reduce joint pain. The inversion chair allows the user to start in a seated position with a strap acoss their lap in order to hold them in place. Once the user is securely sitting and leans back, the chair slowly turns upside down. The inversion chair reduces the amount of strain on the ankle, knee and hip that they inversion table places.

Gravity Boots: Inversion boots wrap around your ankles, allowing you to hang upside down from a bar. They are used in inversion therapy to apply traction to your back with the goal of decompressing the vertebrae of your spine. Proponents of inversion therapy have largely replaced boots with inversion tables and chairs.

Accessories: Select this option if the product is an accessory of inversion equipment. This will include everything related to inversion tables that is not a table, chair or boots.

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