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The philosophy from the very beginning to the present has been simply to provide the best possible products at a reasonable price to the retail pet trade. The corporate belief has always been to exclusively offer the Hagen brand name to those retailers who maintain and sell the pets that everyone cherishes. Appreciation of modern research techniques and results provides just one more advantage in reaching this goal.

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Hagen Small Animal Cages And Habitats
Hagen Small Animal Cages And Habitats (16)
Hagen Aquariums & Bowls
Hagen Aquariums & Bowls (31)
Hagen Bird Cages
Hagen Bird Cages (17)
Hagen Cat Litter Boxes & Litter Box Enclosures
Hagen Cat Litter Boxes & Litter Box Enclosures (5)
Hagen Dog and Cat Crates/Kennels/Carriers
Hagen Dog and Cat Crates/Kennels/Carriers (11)
Hagen Cat Condos & Cat Trees
Hagen Cat Condos & Cat Trees (11)
Hagen Dog Beds & Mats
Hagen Dog Beds & Mats (13)
Hagen Dog Exercise And Play Pens
Hagen Dog Exercise And Play Pens (1)
Hagen Indoor & Outdoor Fountains
Hagen Indoor & Outdoor Fountains (7)
Hagen Planters
Hagen Planters (3)
Hagen Pond Kits & Technical Equipment
Hagen Pond Kits & Technical Equipment (4)
Hagen Cat Beds
Hagen Cat Beds (3)