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Fireproof Filing Cabinets

Fireproof Filing Cabinets

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Fireproof Receptacle Buying Guide

Here at Wayfair Supply we want to help you take steps towards preventing fires. We carry a vast selection of fire-safe waste receptacles and ash urns. These receptacles and urns can help prevent fires and keep homes, offices, and public places more safe.

Why use a fire-safe receptacle?

Receptacle fires can be a very dangerous occurrence. One small spark can start a very hazardous and even life-threatening fire. With a fire-safe receptacle the threat of a receptacle fire can be reduced significantly. Fire-safe receptacles will prevent fires from spreading to other objects around the receptacle. Keep in mind you should still take precautions against fires such as having fire-alarms, smoke detectors, sprinkler systems, and fire extinguishers handy.

What makes a receptacle fire-safe?

Most fire-safe receptacles are made of fire-proof steel, aluminum or fiberglass. These materials are made specially to withstand extreme heat and will not melt so that the receptacle will better contain the fire and will be less likely to spread to surrounding area. All of our fire-safe receptacles are UL Listed/ FM Approved, UL Classified, or comply with NFPA standards.

What is the difference between UL Listed/ FM Approved and UL Classified?

UL Listed/ FM Approved means that the products met Underwriters Laboratory’s safety requirements. These requirements are based on UL’s published Standards for Safety. UL classified means these products have been evaluated by UL and meet a limited amount of standards. These products are suitable under limited and special conditions. Although both types of receptacles are approved by UL, UL Listed receptacles will provide you with more safety from receptacle fires.

What is the NFPA? The NFPA is the National Fire Protection Association. The mission of the NFPA is to reduce the worldwide crisis of fire and other hazards on the quality of life by providing and promoting codes and standards. NFPA rated receptacles comply with NFPA, Life Safety Code #101, section #31, which states wastebaskets and other waste containers shall be noncombustible.

What is self-extinguishing?

Self-extinguishing receptacles are receptacles that will extinguish a flame inside of the receptacle before it is able to spread. Self-extinguishing waste receptacles work one of two ways:

Round-opening baffle systems:

Cylindrical baffle forces smoke down into receptacle

Smoke will smother the fire, not allowing it to grow

Where should I use a fire-safe receptacle?

These receptacles can really be used in any situation. Whether in your home, office, or public place, you can never be too safe. Make sure to read the descriptions of the receptacles to see whether they are suitable for indoors or outdoors.

What about fire-safe ash urns?

When it comes to ash urns and ashtrays fire safety is one of the most important factors. Our fire-safe ash urns come equipped with several different fire-safe features including, fire-safe aluminum and steel, recessed extinguishing screens, and oxygen restricting designs. These features will prevent the butt of a cigarette or ashes to create a fire. As soon as the cigarette or ash is dropped into the urn it will be extinguished.

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