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Delta Children's Products sells more cribs worldwide than any other brand. There's something about a Delta-conceived, Delta-designed, Delta-made children's product that so many parents, from all ends of the earth, just seem to naturally gravitate to. This love-at-first-sight phenomenon is evidenced by the large quantity of Delta Children's Product cribs purchased every year!

It all began one day, over 40 years ago, when Delta's founder, Louis Shamie, a new father himself, had come too far to be brushed aside by a harried patent clerk and decided to let his revolutionary new crib design do the talking for him. Three minutes later, without the aid of tools or hooks or screws, a brilliantly conceived baby crib stood fully assembled in the center of Washington's U.S. Patent office. It flabbergasted the young clerk, himself the father of three and no stranger to the time-consuming task of crib assembly back in those days.

Needless to say, Louis Shamie left that day with patent in hand, but also with an earth-rocking realization, and an invaluable life-lesson learned, which would serve as the foundation of every Delta product to come: that a smartly crafted, sturdily constructed, budget-friendly, ease-driven product needed no introduction. No preamble. No sales gimmick. No song and dance. A product like that spoke for itself, sold itself, and stood in a class by itself!

To this day, Louis Shamie and his sons continue to adhere to that same unwavering commitment and passion for creating groundbreaking products that meet the growing needs of children. From infancy all the way through young teen hood, every smart, safe, high-quality Delta Children's Products is designed to deliver timeless beauty, myriad uses, and outstanding value for years to come!

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