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Childs Play

Childs Play was started in 1976. At that time they were a regional manufacturer of early childhood furniture and equipment. Within a few years, Childs Play was shipping products throughout the United States. Over the next three decades, Childs Play grew steadily. By 1990, they had increased their plant size by over 400% and doubled their present plant by the end of 2008. Over the years Childs Play has not only continued the high standards of the company, but have set them even higher. For over 36 years they have constantly improved products and brought on many new products as well. Notably, the largest selection of storage units in the United States utilizing the world famous Gratnell Trays. Childs Play has always utilized the latest technology to improve products and production methods. With computer driven CNC equipment, Childs Play can insure consistency and quality will always be in the forefront of the industry. Childs Play has and will continue to strive for higher quality, service, innovations, new products, and a total commitment to our customers. Childs Play products strictly conform to all required government safety and emissions standards.


Childs Play
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