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At Bamboo54, they know that the environment is both beautiful and important. Its no wonder the mission of this Los Angeles-based furniture and household company is "Saving the world in style."

Through the use of eastern culture aesthetics and a deep understanding of environmental preservation, Bamboo54 has crafted a wide variety of products that promote both serenity and simple elegance.

Available in some 1,500 species, using bamboo instead of wood helps conserve tropical forests, stimulates healthy agriculture and nurtures sustainable life. Bamboo is both beauty and brawn all in one. Its elegance will redefine your home while promoting inner peace and spirituality.

Let Bamboo54 show you just how much with their unique line of outdoor and indoor furniture, handbags, storage units and much more! With Bamboo54, you'll not only be making a statement in style, but helping conserve the world around you.

Bamboo... Good for us all. Grow it. Live it. Use it. Love it.

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Bamboo54 Room Dividers
Bamboo54 Room Dividers (3)
Bamboo54 Curtains & Drapes
Bamboo54 Curtains & Drapes (43)
Bamboo54 Outdoor Barstools
Bamboo54 Outdoor Barstools (4)
Bamboo54 Outdoor Tables
Bamboo54 Outdoor Tables (5)
Bamboo54 Decorative Shelving
Bamboo54 Decorative Shelving (7)
Bamboo54 Outdoor Dining Sets
Bamboo54 Outdoor Dining Sets (5)
Bamboo54 Benches
Bamboo54 Benches (2)
Bamboo54 Picture Frames
Bamboo54 Picture Frames (8)
Bamboo54 Accent Chests / Cabinets
Bamboo54 Accent Chests / Cabinets (1)
Bamboo54 Sofa & Console Tables
Bamboo54 Sofa & Console Tables (1)
Bamboo54 End Tables
Bamboo54 End Tables (3)
Bamboo54 Lawn and Beach Chairs
Bamboo54 Lawn and Beach Chairs (3)