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Classroom Color Craze
Teachers can take charge of their classroom and get students excited to learn by adding colorful classroom chairs, desks, and tables that will help children focus, engage, and learn. 
Educational area rugs, brightly colored dry-erase boards, and decor can be both functional and motivating for students.
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Top Five Customer Complaints about Restaurants
Your restaurant has a well-trained staff, stunning decor, and exquisite food. Is there still something that will leave customers with a bad taste in their mouth? 
Read more about the top complaints that have restaurants losing customers, and how you can avoid making the same mistakes. 
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Area Rug Buying Guide
Area rugs protect floors, offer style and design elements, and will ground your room. 
Before purchasing a new area rug to add to your business or workspace, read all about the various area rug styles, fiber materials and construction, measurements, and common rug shapes.  
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