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We’re glad you narrowed your search down to All Safes for your home office or small business. Shop by Special Offers or Fire Resistance to find the right fit. We have All Safes in Blue, Navy and Brown to best suit the look of your office or building and offer a range of industry brand names like Sentry Safe and Gardall Safe Corporation at a wide price range to cater to any type of office or business. We make finding the best All Safes for our commercial shoppers easy and cost effective by putting it all on the same site – Wayfair Supply.
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What type of lock do you need?

We offer hundreds of safes with many different types of locks. Most safes come standard with one type of lock, but may have an option to change the lock type or add another lock for added security. The following are the different types of locks that we offer:

(1) Combination Locks:

Most combination locks are 3 or 4-digits allowing quick access to all of your belongings.

(2) Electronic Locks:

If multiple users will be using your safe an electronic lock may be the best fit for you. Most electronic locks can be programmed with more than one combination for multiple users. If you will be changing your combination frequently for added security, electronic locks make the task quick and easy.

(3) Key Locks:

When using a key lock, make sure you store your keys in a safe place away from your safe. It is a good idea to have more than one set of keys for extra security. In the case that you lose your keys, most companies will be able to send you a new key if you have a key reference number which will be located on your safe.

(4) Fingerprint Scan Locks:

This option, also referred to as a biometric lock, is an excellent means of controlling access to the safe's contents to a select group of people or just a single individual.

(5) Combination & Key Locks:

This option adds extra security to standard combination lock safes - the user will be required to enter the combination as well as the key to access his or her belongings.

(6) Electronic & Key Locks:

Like combination & key locks, this option affords the user the convenience of an electronic lock, with the added security of key access.

Fire Resistant:

Safes designed to protect your valuables in the event of a fire. We have safes that protect your valuables for ½ hour, 1 hour or 2 hours. Most of our fire-resistant safes are UL classified. UL (Underwriters Laboratories Inc.) has developed a rating system to determine a product's ability to endure fires of specific temperatures and lengths.

Impact Resistant:

Safes that have been exposed to many different tests and can withstand drops, and being hit with falling debris.


In the event of a flood, the contents of your safe can be damaged if your safe is not waterproof. Although some safes are specifically waterproof, during a fire most fire-resistant safes will have a positive pressure inside the safe that will keep water out.

Humidity Control:

Maintaining the appropriate level of humidity is key, whether you are storing files, media or fire arms in your safe.

UL Burglary Rated:

Similar to fireproofing, UL rates safes based on resistance to burglars. Ratings are as follows:

  • UL Group 1: Locks that are highly resistant to expert manipulation or attacks. These locks must also have a minimum of 1 million combinations available and must work after being exposed to: salt sprays, aging stress, moisture absorption and vibration. Finally, these locks come equipped with a relocking security function, which means they will stay closed after being punctured with tools.
  • UL Group 1R: All benefits of Group 1 locks with added protection against X-Ray technology.
  • UL Group 2: These locks must withstand five minutes of various tests performed by a professional locksmith. Also, they must have a minimum of 1 million combinations available and must work after being exposed to: salt sprays, aging stress, moisture absorption and vibration. Finally, these locks come equipped with the same relocking security function as UL Group 1.
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