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Hanging filing helps to manage items or documents of a particular size that may not fit or store easily in traditionally sized filing cabinets. The specifications and components that make up hanging filing units include the filing style, security, and mobility. This guide is designed to break down each category for you.

Lock vs. No Lock

Many users look for hanging filing cabinets with locks to secure their documents. Locks help to prevent unauthorized access which is especially important when dealing with sensitive or confidential files. Hanging filing cabinet locks are generally key-operated. Some manufacturers choose to offer lock kits separately from the actual filing unit. Some offices opt to use hanging units without locks. Units without locks are more compatible in situations where multiple people are using the same filing space.

Casters vs. No Casters

Mobility is necessary for some filers. Some offices require frequent reorganization, or just a trouble-free way to share files. Hanging filing cabinets with casters are easier to relocate then units without casters. However, some offices choose filing cabinets without casters because they are less mobile. This prevents the filing cabinets from shifting or being easily transported by unauthorized persons.

Hanging Clamps vs. Hanging Folders Hanging file cabinets are available with one of two hanging methods. The hanging clamp (or carrier strip) is one style. This type of filing is designed for larger documents such as vertical plan files. Clamps and carrier strips help to eliminate fingerprint smudges and dog-eared corners. Clamps are sold separately, and come in a range of lengths. This way, you can order the clamp size that will best suit your needs. Another style of hanging file cabinets is hanging folder. This style is used ideally for legal or letter sized documents.

Glossary of Key Terms

legal document folder Legal Document: Legal-sized documents measure 8.5 inches by 14 inches.
letter document folder Letter Document: Letter sized documents are 8.5 inches by 11 inches
mobile filing cabinet with casters Casters: Casters are wheel-like structures found on the bottom of some filing units. Casters create greater mobility for the filing unit. Some filing units have casters with locking devices to help secure them in one spot when not in motion.

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