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This is a company committed to developing and distributing only the highest quality products, all the while, ensuring that these products represent the maximum value in the marketplace. With so many "me-too" products in the market, the company’s focus and commitment is to bring you added value in features, functionality, performance and service.

Combining their responsibility to the community and their desire to be environmentally conscious, they have a program to reduce (or better yet, re-use) what they would normally dispose of... Early Childhood Resources has eliminated almost all of their cardboard waste by implementing commercial cardboard shredding equipment in its facilities to convert cardboard destined for the landfill into some of the best packing material available.

Competition typically demands lower costs and with it, labor intense jobs are being exported faster and faster every year. Early Childhood Resources, being committed to "Maximum Value," balances the demands from the marketplace with the practicality and social values of finding ways to maximize the capabilities of those in our community with developmental disabilities, and want to work! The program provides a stimulating and developmentally enriching environment. These individuals gain valuable social and work skills while earning competitive wages, and creating "Maximum Value" in their products.


  Office Chairs
   Craft Supplies (2)
  Shears & Scissors
  Literature Racks
  Toy Boxes and Organizers
  Kids Chairs
  Bins, Totes And Containers
  Changing Table Pads & Covers
  Plastic Storage
  Bibs & Burp Cloths
  Utility Carts
  Kids Tables and Sets
  Classroom Chairs
  Stacking Chairs
  Cots & Playmats
  Classroom Storage
  Cot Hardware & Accessories
  Teaching Carts
  Classroom Tables
   Soft Play (1)
  Bulletin Boards, Whiteboards, Chalkboards
  Coat Racks and Hooks
  Baby Toys
  Toy Vehicles
  Play Kitchen Sets
  Theatrical Play
  Toddler Developmental Toys
  Crib Bedding
  Sandboxes & Sand Toys
   Under $50 (1)    $50 to $100 (1)
  $100 to $200
  $200 to $300
   $300 to $400 (1)
  $400 to $500
  $500 & Above
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