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Alessi's intention, from the beginning, was to be highly innovative and ready to experiment with cookware. With this in mind, the Alessi family venture explored new materials and novel design in becoming one of the finest and most well-known contemporary cookware brands. Alessi prides itself on its unique collaboration with designers and architects to produce beautiful, quality cookware. Among some of the best known of the Alessi's products are Richard Sapper's kettle with a two-tone whistle, Michael Graves' kettle with bird shaped whistle, and Philippe Starck's Juicy Salif citrus squeezer.

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401 Series by Kristiina LassusChin Family by Stefano GiovannoniJasper MorrisonMu
A di Alessi - Dream FactoryClare BrassJoyNoe'
A Lotus LeafClocksKnifeforkspoonNouvel
A TempoColombinaKnifeforkspoon by Jasper MorrisonNuovo Milano
Abi AliceColombina DrinkwareKristiina LassusNuovo Milano by Ettore Sottsass
Achille CastiglioniColombina PorcelainKuNuvem by Fratelli Campana
AcquerelloColombina Stainless SteelKuno PreyObject Bijoux
Aldo RossiD’Urbino and LomazziLa Cintura Di Orione CookwareOrientales by Stefano Giovannoni
Alessandro MendiniDavid ChipperfieldLa RosaOttagonale
Alessandro Mendini CorkscrewsDesktop Architecture by Hani RashidLa Rosa by Emma SilvestrisOvale
Alessi TablewareDomenicaLa Stanza Dello Scirocco by Mario TrimarchiPeneira
All-TimeDressedLe Palle PresepePhilippe Starck - Kitchen Essentials
Anna G. by Alessandro MendiniDror BenshetritLluis Clotet - Wrinkled InspirationsPio and Tito Toso
ApeDryLuigi MassoniPop
BabaDry by Achille CastiglioniMamiPots and Pans by Jasper Morrison
BauhausEat.ItMami by Stefano GiovannoniProgramma 8 by Franco Sargiani & Eija Helander
Bavero by Achille CastiglioniEttore SottsassMami XlProgramma 8 by Sargiani & Helander
BettinaFrancesca AmfitheatrofMarliRichard Sapper - Kitchen Tools
BirilloFruit BasketMartí GuixéRodrigo Torres
Blow Up! by Fratelli CampanaGabriele ChiaveMaryRon Arad - Bar & Serveware
BombeGirotondo by King KongMassimiliano Fuksas - Doriana MandrelliStefano Giovannoni
Caccia by Luigi Caccia DominioniGiulio LachettiMediterraneoTonale by David Chipperfield
Caccia MonoblocGruppo TMediterraneo by Emma SilvestrisUfficio Tecnico Alessi
CactusGuido VenturiniMichael Graves - Americana InspirationsZaha Hadid
Cactus! by Marta SansoniHarri KoskinenMilky Way Minor
Carlo MazzeriHoliday FigurinesMiniatures
CesellatoIl Cafe Alessi by William Alsop/Federico GrazziniMiriam Mirri


Alessi Flatware Sets
Alessi Flatware Sets (49)
Alessi Tea Kettles
Alessi Tea Kettles (19)
Alessi Decorative Baskets, Bowls & Boxes
Alessi Decorative Baskets, Bowls & Boxes (58)
Alessi Flatware Single Pieces
Alessi Flatware Single Pieces (151)
Alessi Serving Dishes & Platters
Alessi Serving Dishes & Platters (101)
Alessi Serving Bowls
Alessi Serving Bowls (45)
Alessi Clocks
Alessi Clocks (7)
Alessi Decorative Objects
Alessi Decorative Objects (37)
Alessi Napkin Holders & Paper Towel Holders
Alessi Napkin Holders & Paper Towel Holders (13)
Alessi Bar Supplies
Alessi Bar Supplies (19)
Alessi Bath Accessories
Alessi Bath Accessories (16)
Alessi Kitchen Canisters & Jars
Alessi Kitchen Canisters & Jars (18)
Alessi Wine Accessories
Alessi Wine Accessories (41)
Alessi Flatware Serving Pieces
Alessi Flatware Serving Pieces (88)
Alessi Dining Bowls
Alessi Dining Bowls (32)
Alessi Vases
Alessi Vases (10)
Alessi Cups & Mugs
Alessi Cups & Mugs (35)
Alessi Plates & Saucers
Alessi Plates & Saucers (56)
Alessi Residential Trash Cans
Alessi Residential Trash Cans (3)
Alessi Pitchers And Carafes
Alessi Pitchers And Carafes (14)
Alessi Everyday Drinkware
Alessi Everyday Drinkware (14)
Alessi Creamers & Sugar Bowls
Alessi Creamers & Sugar Bowls (27)
Alessi Wine And Champagne Glasses
Alessi Wine And Champagne Glasses (14)
Alessi Coffee Makers
Alessi Coffee Makers (7)
Alessi Slicers, Peelers And Graters
Alessi Slicers, Peelers And Graters (13)
Alessi Dog and Cat Bowls, Feeders & Accessories
Alessi Dog and Cat Bowls, Feeders & Accessories (6)
Alessi Hot / Cold Tea Accessories
Alessi Hot / Cold Tea Accessories (11)
Alessi Salt And Pepper Shakers / Mills
Alessi Salt And Pepper Shakers / Mills (21)
Alessi Desktop Organizers
Alessi Desktop Organizers (9)
Alessi Coasters & Trivets
Alessi Coasters & Trivets (19)
Alessi Food Preservation & Transportation
Alessi Food Preservation & Transportation (5)
Alessi Magazine Racks
Alessi Magazine Racks (2)
Alessi Specialty Serving
Alessi Specialty Serving (18)
Alessi Cabinet Organization
Alessi Cabinet Organization (10)
Alessi Pencils
Alessi Pencils (1)
Alessi Bug & Pest Control
Alessi Bug & Pest Control (1)
Alessi Place Settings
Alessi Place Settings (2)
Alessi Coat Racks and Hooks
Alessi Coat Racks and Hooks (3)
Alessi Utensils
Alessi Utensils (26)
Alessi Toilet Paper Holders
Alessi Toilet Paper Holders (3)
Alessi Egg Prep And Serving
Alessi Egg Prep And Serving (9)
Alessi Juicers
Alessi Juicers (1)
Alessi Vacuums & Steamers
Alessi Vacuums & Steamers (1)
Alessi Kitchen Sink Accessories
Alessi Kitchen Sink Accessories (1)
Alessi Key Chains, Key Wallets, and Key Covers
Alessi Key Chains, Key Wallets, and Key Covers (5)
Alessi Coffee & Cocktail Tables
Alessi Coffee & Cocktail Tables (1)
Alessi Wall & Accent Mirrors
Alessi Wall & Accent Mirrors (1)
Alessi Cutting Boards
Alessi Cutting Boards (7)
Alessi Sifters, Strainers, Colanders, & Splatter Screens
Alessi Sifters, Strainers, Colanders, & Splatter Screens (7)
Alessi Flatware & Kitchen Utensil Storage
Alessi Flatware & Kitchen Utensil Storage (1)
Alessi Cutlery
Alessi Cutlery (19)
Alessi Stock Pots, Soup Pots and Multi-Pots
Alessi Stock Pots, Soup Pots and Multi-Pots (11)
Alessi Toasters, Ovens & Roasters
Alessi Toasters, Ovens & Roasters (2)
Alessi Espresso Machines
Alessi Espresso Machines (5)
Alessi Cruets and Condiment Sets
Alessi Cruets and Condiment Sets (15)
Alessi Teapots And Coffee Servers
Alessi Teapots And Coffee Servers (9)
Alessi Timers
Alessi Timers (3)
Alessi Table Lamps
Alessi Table Lamps (2)
Alessi Ornaments, Tree-Toppers, And More
Alessi Ornaments, Tree-Toppers, And More (21)
Alessi Kitchen Scales
Alessi Kitchen Scales (1)
Alessi Watering Cans
Alessi Watering Cans (2)
Alessi Health And Beauty
Alessi Health And Beauty (4)
Alessi Mantel & Tabletop Clocks
Alessi Mantel & Tabletop Clocks (2)
Alessi Bakeware
Alessi Bakeware (2)
Alessi Casseroles, Dutch Ovens & Braisers
Alessi Casseroles, Dutch Ovens & Braisers (15)
Alessi Measuring Cups, Spoons, Scoops & Funnels
Alessi Measuring Cups, Spoons, Scoops & Funnels (3)
Alessi Cutlery Sets
Alessi Cutlery Sets (3)
Alessi Holiday Figurines & Nutcrackers
Alessi Holiday Figurines & Nutcrackers (3)
Alessi Sauce Pans And Sauciers
Alessi Sauce Pans And Sauciers (8)
Alessi Decanters
Alessi Decanters (2)
Alessi Smoking Urns & Ashtrays
Alessi Smoking Urns & Ashtrays (3)
Alessi Bracelets
Alessi Bracelets (1)
Alessi Candle Holders
Alessi Candle Holders (6)
Alessi Skillets & Fry Pans
Alessi Skillets & Fry Pans (9)
Alessi Cleaning Tools
Alessi Cleaning Tools (1)
Alessi Bookends
Alessi Bookends (1)
Alessi Food & Beverage Dispensers
Alessi Food & Beverage Dispensers (2)
Alessi Fondue Sets
Alessi Fondue Sets (6)
Alessi Lids & Covers
Alessi Lids & Covers (5)
Alessi Letter Openers
Alessi Letter Openers (1)
Alessi Food Mills, Food Shavers & Spice Grinders
Alessi Food Mills, Food Shavers & Spice Grinders (3)
Alessi Travel Accessories
Alessi Travel Accessories (1)
Alessi Accent Trays
Alessi Accent Trays (2)
Alessi Body Weight Scales
Alessi Body Weight Scales (1)
Alessi Cake, Cookie, & Pastry Decoration
Alessi Cake, Cookie, & Pastry Decoration (1)
Alessi Decorative Plates
Alessi Decorative Plates (1)
Alessi Dinnerware Collections
Alessi Dinnerware Collections (12)
Alessi Dinnerware Sets
Alessi Dinnerware Sets (2)
Alessi Drains
Alessi Drains (1)
Alessi End Tables
Alessi End Tables (1)
Alessi Flatware Collections
Alessi Flatware Collections (14)
Alessi Grilling Tools
Alessi Grilling Tools (1)
Alessi Holiday Accents & Decor
Alessi Holiday Accents & Decor (3)
Alessi Laundry Carriers
Alessi Laundry Carriers (1)
Alessi Picture Frames
Alessi Picture Frames (5)
Alessi Placemats
Alessi Placemats (4)
Alessi Poachers
Alessi Poachers (1)
Alessi Restroom Supplies
Alessi Restroom Supplies (1)
Alessi Rings
Alessi Rings (1)
Alessi Saute Pans
Alessi Saute Pans (1)
Alessi Tape
Alessi Tape (1)
Alessi Teacher Resources
Alessi Teacher Resources (1)
Alessi Telephone Accessories
Alessi Telephone Accessories (1)
Alessi Towel Bars, Hooks and Racks
Alessi Towel Bars, Hooks and Racks (1)
Alessi Wall Décor
Alessi Wall Décor (2)
Alessi Watches
Alessi Watches (11)
Alessi White Board Accessories
Alessi White Board Accessories (1)
Alessi Woks
Alessi Woks (1)

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