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Accent Tiles

Accent Tiles


Accent Tiles

We’re glad you narrowed your search down to Accent Tiles for your home office or small business. Shop by Special Offers or Price to find the right fit. We have Accent Tiles in Red, Yellow and Black to best suit the look of your office or building and offer a range of industry brand names like Shaw Floors and En Vogue at a wide price range to cater to any type of office or business. We make finding the best Accent Tiles for our commercial shoppers easy and cost effective by putting it all on the same site – Wayfair Supply.
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Border Tiles: Border Tiles are used to edge tiles, or they are used as a separation between tiles or tile patterns.

Decorative Accents: Decorative Accents is a decorative tile that serves as a decorative accent such as a flower or figure.

Decorative Murals: Decorative Murals are a set of tiles that are used together to create an accent piece of art on the wall. The tiles are usually painted with pictures of fruit, people, outdoor scenery, household objects, animals, etc.

Glass Blocks: Glass Blocks are made of recycled glass and come in a variety of sizes and shapes. They add a beautiful accent to any home.

Glass Gems: Glass Gems are little individual globs of glass that fit together to fit any décor especially counter tops.

Liners/Pencil Liners: Liners/ Pencil Liners are used to serve as a finishing touch to a tile often as a border.

Listellos/Listello Corners: Listellos/Listello Cornersis a narrow tile used to accent field tiles.

Medallions: Medallions have a lot of decorative detail.

Mosaic Tiles: Mosiac Tiles usually have a picture or decoration on them made of small usually colored pieces of stone, glass, etc.

Tile Inserts: Tile Inserts highlights the back splash to give it an extra touch.

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